Bright Blue Oversized Sweater And Denim Shorts For Summer

Bright Blue Oversized Sweater And Denim Shorts For Summer 2023

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Update your style with this amazing bright blue oversized sweater. Tuck it inside cuffed blue wash denim shorts. An ideal combo for Summer months.

We have been looking at some of our favorite shorts from last year that were in great condition but not quite as stylish as they once were. So this time around I am going to be wearing something different than what you see me wearing. This past weekend was my first trip out with my family since moving back home after college. My mom has always wanted to take us somewhere nice so she bought us tickets to Disney World. She also got me an oversized sweater which will keep me warm when it gets cold outside. Anyway, I decided to team that bright blue oversized sweater with these denim shorts and add a black-white printed scarf to use it as a belt. Now before anyone says anything about how big these things are, let me tell you, I’m 5’10” and weigh 170 pounds. These clothes fit perfectly over my shoulders without being too tight or loose. If you’re wondering why I chose such large sizes, it’s because I like them baggy. They don’t look baggy unless they’re really tight. When I wear them, people often ask if I’ve lost weight.

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