Flared Jeans Trend For Women

I want to show you non-boring ways to wear flared jeans now. This might be the biggest denim trend of this year. I am about to highlight amazing outfit ideas snapped on the streets of big cities, including New York, London, Paris, and Milan. You are going to read expert tips and tricks on flared jeans. This denim shape is pretty massive right now and I do think they are here to stay for a long time.

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (13)

Dark neutral. A lovely off-shoulder tight top in black is tucked in mid-rise charcoal flares completed with gray patent pointed-toe heels. The look is completed with a black doctor’s bag, aviator sunglasses and buckled leather belt.

The 1970’s style look is coming back in fashion and flares prove it! I am not saying you should skip your beloved skinnies, all you need is to buy a pair of flares and switch them every second day. The seventies references come with a modern twist which keeps the whole look appear contemporary with a little vintage touch. These attention-getting jeans add instant style to the outfit, that’s why you are free to choose either to play up with bohemian chic style, dress them up with your favorite tie-neck blouse and fitted blazer, either wear them for casual weekends layering up with urban bomber or style them with polished pieces for the office look.

Shoes to wear with flared jeans

Speaking of footwear, then I would say, there are lots of interesting footwear styles you can work with flares. If you are about to wear long hem flares, then I would say you are free to wear whatever shoes you like, just make sure they are comfortable enough for your feet. Think of wedges, platforms, flats, and sneakers. The shorter hemmed flares should be teamed with stylish footwear which suits your overall look. Ankle boots are great for flared jeans. You can try chunky heeled design, the ones with 1970’s vibe, tight ankle boots. The color depends on your overall look, they can be neutral colored, either vibrantly hued or completed in a stylish print. The toe shape is also important: look for a rounded/ almond shape toe (my favorite), or the one which is slightly squared. Next footwear you might try with flares is platforms. Platform shoes come in different designs, it can be sandals with chunky heels, boots or pumps. The wedges and flatforms is another footwear style which goes with flares. They make you look the seventies inspired. This footwear gives you an extra lift and you still feel comfortable. If you want to look modern, then try on chunky heels. You are free to choose from higher heeled slides to lower heel sandals. Clogs and clog sandals look vintage and fun. This style will make your bottom area look retro-inspired and casual, so you better keep the rest of your outfit relaxed. If you are not into heels, then go for flat sandals. This is another casual style look for women who want to keep things relaxed and comfortable. Go for single soled strappy flats or gladiator sandals and keep the rest of your outfit relaxed and boho chic inspired. If you are more into a sporty look, then try on sneakers. This combo is ideal for high schools when you are in a rush and want to keep things comfy and casual. In my opinion, you should skip stiletto heels, and pointed toe pumps.

  • with flats
  • with sneakers
  • with boots
  • converse trainers
  • platform shoes
  • flatform shoes
  • wedges
  • sandals

What flared jeans are in style right now

This year we see a big collection of different flares. Sure, those of you who have never tried bell bottom jeans should start from the classic style, but if you already know how to style these bottoms, then you definitely should go for embroidered flares (the ones with patches, pearls, studs, zips and other cool embellishments). Find out more about ways to wear flared jeans and let me know your thoughts. My favorite ones are flares with the split, this denim is amazing! The split allows you to show off the beauty of your footwear, so you better make sure the shoes ideally suit your denim. Flared jeans with front pockets give its wearer a cute retro appearance, try them on with tops tucked inside, so everybody can see those front pockets. Flares with stars is another cool choice, I would bring them in embroidered flares, but the star print and embellishment is a massive trend right now. The cropped flares is also a good option for women who want to show off their footwear.

  • classic style
  • embroidered flared jeans
  • flared jeans with split
  • flared jeans with front pockets
  • flared jeans with stars
  • cropped flare jeans

How To Wear Flared Jeans To Work

  • Choose a neutral color flared jeans
  • The length is long enough to show your footwear
  • Use a classic belt
  • The shirt/top/blouse should be tucked inside
  • Use a slim cardigan or blazer as a basic layer

Best Street Style Ideas:

An impressive pantsuit completed with flares. The navy suit jacket is worn over a denim shirt tucked in navy flared jeans. Add a spacious tote bag, skinny leather belt, and ankle boots:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (1)

Blue flares look awesome with black leather flats and leather jacket. An ideal outfit for urban street walks:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (2)

Flares with front pockets are worn with a deep V-neck black blouse tucked in and a black leather biker jacket. The outfit is completed with a gray suede miniature duffle bag and charcoal flats with pointed toes:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (3)

Black-white striped tight long sleeve top is tucked inside floor-length flared jeans completed with a skinny white belt:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (4)

White and black is always in! Go for a white peasant blouse tucked in black flares completed with platform high heeled pumps:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (5)

A long white shirt-tunic is paired with knee ripped dark blue flared jeans. The look is completed with a cool brown leather shoulder bag and platform sandals:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (6)

Indigo denim jacket ideally suits white turtleneck and white flared:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (7)

Light gray turtleneck can be tucked in dark blue flared jeans. Complete this outfit with a printed neck-scarf, miniature shoulder bag, and classic black pumps:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (8)

A touch of boho. We see a beautiful lady wearing a simple black tee teamed with blue denim flares and flat sandals. The outfit is completed with a layered necklace, wide-brim hat, and shoulder bag:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (9)

A printed cape-coat fits the printed white shirt tucked in classic flares:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (10)

The ripped flared jeans match the black turtleneck and black blazer:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (11)

White and black is always in:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (12)

An oversized gry turtleneck ideally suits smart-casual denim flares:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (14)

Black pullover + cropped flared jeans + white sneakers:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (15)

Cowl neck cream-white sweater looks awesome with flares and black leather trainers:

Flared Jeans Best Street Style Looks (16)

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