How To Style Hoodies For Women

Hoodies season is officially opened! Keep your head covered, as we are here to talk about hoodies you can wear all day, every day! This might be the most surprising must-have of the year. Lots of retailers and designer brands give a new spin to this casual garment. It’s fair to say, sportswear is back and now it’s more than athelisure trend. The hoodie is a significant life savior for the moments when the temperature drops. If you think it’s all about sports and athletics, then you are misguided. It can be a nice update for a dressy event, or even for a work day at the office. Think of an ethereal gown layered under oversized hoodie, a sexy slipdress worn with a neutral colored hoodie, or a dressy blazer layered over a slim hoodie, creating a funky update. Yes, now you can easily style a hoodie for any occasion! Read on to find out more tricks about this cool must-have!

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (1)

Are you a big fan of athleisure and biker style? If so, then I am happy to offer you this outfit, it features a white hoodie worn under a black leather jacket paired with black capri leggings with mesh details and white sneakers. Complete it with a classy black sunglasses and black gym bag.

Different bottoms to try with a hoodie

Hoodies and shorts
Yes, you are allowed to wear a hoodie with shorts, all you need is the confidence. Just keep your shorts slim, no baggy style is allowed. Show at least some knee. My personal advice is to keep the hoodie and shorts design neutral colored. A simple look with no crazy prints or vibrant logos. Complete such look with an appropriate footwear, it can be either classy sneakers, mid-heel pumps, or ankle cuff sandals. Don’t pick a sweater that looks baggy on you, and avoid flip-flop sandals. Just in case, this is a casual look, so you should not wear it for night parties or at work.

  • Hoodies and denim jackets
    I guess it’s the most popular combination for women. The denim and hoodie are like milk and coffee, you can never go wrong. Speaking of colors, then all depends on your creativity. It can be a classic blue or black denim jacket worn over white, black, blue, red, gray or any other colored hoodie. As a good example of wearing these pieces, you can try on a red hoodie with a black denim jacket. Complete these garments with black crop jeans and leather ankle boots, as the result you are going to achieve a smart looking outfit.
  • Hoodies and leather jackets
    It’s another story. This look isn’t as casual, as wearing a denim jacket. If all the things are done right, then a result is something edgy and sophisticated, but still modern and smart-chic. It’s more like a biker-inspired look that underlines woman’s power of being strong and individual. I love seeing women in neutral color hoodies layered with black leather jackets and completed with dark blue or black jeans. But you are free to try any color you like, from red to pastel hoodie and black to light blue and green leather jacket.
  • Hoodies and jeans
    Hoodie and jeans is another basic look that looks chic, feels cozy and comfortable. This combo can be an easy way to dress things up or keep them looking casual. Those of you who want to underline their elegance, then my advice is to choose neutral colors, keep both pieces slim-fitted and add a statement necklace. This will take a hoodie to a whole new level. For a casual look, you are free to experiment with colors, fit and style.
  • Hoodies and sweatpants sets
    The result is going to look sporty or athleisure inspired. If you want to keep things casual, and sporty, then complete this combo with your favorite sneakers. But I recommend taking the outfit to the whole new level, by adding heels.
  • Hoodies and skirts
    Sometimes you just need to try something new and refresh your outfit. I am talking about combining a hoodie with a skirt. For instance, it can be a pretty sweet look when you pair a slim or an oversized hoodie with a pencil skirt, or you can have some fun with an intricately printed skirt and snakeskin boots with a thick fleece hoodie, the result looks creative and unique. What will you choose?
  • Hoodies and dresses
    You have two options: it can be a casual look or a dressy outfit. If you decided to play with a dressy and formal look, then my personal advice is to keep balanced proportions. You will need a classy neutral colored hoodie and slim dress (pencil fit, midi slim version). If it’s more about a downtown look, then you are free to experiment with different lengths and proportions.
  • Hoodies and shirts
    You can go for a hoodie layered under or over a shirt. If your shirt is printed or it’s bright colored, then my advice is to combine it with a neutral colored hoodie and vice versa.
  • Hoodies and blazers
    This might be my favorite look, as I wear such combo at work. Sure, I wouldn’t say it’s the most conservative look, but if your dress code isn’t strict, but you still want to look professional, then go for a hoodie paired with structured and polished pieces. Layer it under a blazer and complete this look with menswear-inspired trousers, or a pencil skirt and sleek pair of classy heels. I almost forgot to mention two very important things: I recommend a fitted hoodie and choose neutral colors.
  • Hoodies and coats
    Hoodie with a coat is a different story. Keep a statement coat handy and wear whatever you want underneath, in our case, it’s a hoodie. You are free to experiment with a different coat, from peacoats to carcoats and trenches. My personal advice, if your hoodie is big or oversized, then you better choose

My 3 favorite hoodie colors that can be worn with different clothes

  • black hoodie goes with…
    It does look awesome with a gray carcoat, dark blue jeans and black ankle boots, it does look amazing with a black leather jacket, black jeans, and white sneakers, with a dark blue denim jacket and light blue jeans.
  • red hoodie goes with…
    Red is a color of love and passion! That’s why I would recommend making a standout look. The first color that pops in my mind is black It does look good, it doesn’t clash with a red hoodie and still makes you look individual. Anyway, keep your bottoms and jacket in dark or neutral colors.
  • gray hoodie goes with…
    Gray hoodie looks good with blue jeans, white shorts, khaki trousers, black pencil skirt, and other neutral hued garments.

What color hoodie to wear now

  • what color hoodie goes with blue jeans
    With blue jeans, you can go for a white, off-white, gray, off-beige colored hoodie. When in doubt, it can be a black colored hoodie. Frankly speaking, basically any color will work, as blue jeans go well with anything.
  • what color hoodie goes with black jeans
    Black jeans look good with light blue, light gray, white, black, or bright colored hoodie. I would say, black jeans choose women who are into classic, conservative and practical style. That’s why I would suggest keeping the whole outfit neutral colored, but it’s very individual.
  • what color hoodie goes with everything
    My answer will be short: black, gray, khaki green, navy and white colored hoodies go with everything. Sure, everything depends on what you are pairing it with. Anyway, most likely dark colored will compliment most of other colors.
  • what color hoodie goes with gray jeans
    Gray jeans work awesome with neutral and bright colored hoodies. For instance, a red hoodie does look cool with gray jeans and white kicks, or black ankle boots. Layer it with a black leather jacket or gray trench coat. Gray denim pants can work with a white or black hoodie, make sure the hoodie matches the color of shoes and complete it with a bright colored jacket or coat.

Get inspired by my favorite street style looks:

Don’t have much time in creating a stunning street style look? Go for a light gray hoodie and wear it over the floral print midi dress. Complete this style with light gray socks worn with skinny ankle cuff heeled sandals:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (2)

Wear it under ankle length checkered coat. Add a cozy black ribbed knit beanie, leather ankle pants and classic black trainers:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (3)

Light gray hoodie in oversized shape ideally matches black wide-leg pants and block heel sandals in black color. Complete this outfit with black geometric shaped sunglasses and designer bag with chain strap:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (4)

Biker jacket in black leather over a gray hoodie is a good choice for a street walk around town:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (5)

Feel like going to the woods for a hiking? If yes, then try on the following items: black wellies boots, black leggings, a long hoodie in light gray under a quilted black down vest and complemented with aviator shades and black baseball cap:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (6)

A cream khaki baseball cap looks urban cool with a light orange cropped oversize hoodie black skinny jeans with ripped knees and white kicks:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (7)

Make it casual and smart-chic with a white hoodie, light gray wool coat and faded gray skinny jeans updated with white sneakers:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (8)

What would you say about this camouflage print jacket worn over gray hoodie teamed with black skinnies and white trainers. A nice combo for lazy day-offs around town:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (9)

Maroon oversized down jacket looks incredible worn over white hoodie layered over black turtleneck paired with black leather skinny pants styled with burgundy leather combat boots:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (10)

Beige trench coat looks pretty cool styled over gray hoodie teamed with a white tee tucked in dark blue cropped jeans. In love with these leopard print flat pumps:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (11)

Keep it smart-casual with a dark green hoodie, navy skinny jeans, and black heeled pumps. Add rounded sunglasses, chain strap shoulder bag and a sophisticated mood:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (12)

Black-white geometric print hoodie looks fresh and vibrant. Wear it under a black leather bomber jacket. Complete the outfit with black skinny jeans and deep violet leather handbag:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (13)

How about teaming a classy gray colored style with a dark blue midi dress worn over black leather skinnies tucked in heeled ankle-boots with pointed toes:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (14)

Dark blue hoodie looks smart-casual with tailored ankle-length gray pants and brown leather ankle boots:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (15)

A green military style jacket looks awesome with a gray hoodie, cuffed black jeans, and dressy pointed-toe pumps:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (16)

Pumpkins all around! When you want to keep things casual, but still look sassy, then my advise is to try on a gray hoodie with a denim jacket, gray skinnies, and knee-high brown leather boots:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (17)

All in black! Black leather jacket, charcoal hoodie, knee-ripped black skinnies and multi-buckled black leather ankle boots, that’s what I call an EDGY look. In love with aviator sunglasses:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (18)

Checkered blazer in gray color matches red hoodie tucked in high-waisted micro gingham wide trousers:

Hoodies Outfit Ideas For Women Street Style Inspiration (19)

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