How To Wear Draped Belted Blazer In Blush This Summer

How To Wear Draped Belted Blazer In Blush This Summer 2021

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We see a stunning way of wearing blush draped belted blazer during Summer months. I am so in love with this pretty pastel color design styled with LWD. You definitely should give it a try. Complete this combination with a pair of strappy flat sandals.

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The summer is here and the time for wearing a blazer has officially arrived. It’s not just about looking good on your way out of the house but also being comfortable enough that you can wear it all day long. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting patiently for this season to start so we could get our hands on some new blazers from brands such as Ralph Lauren or Gucci. But now it’s finally here, which means we’re ready to rock them with confidence.

Here are five ways to dress up your favorite blazer!

1. A simple wrap blazer

It is one of my favorites because I love how versatile it is. You don’t have to be too fancy when going out, especially if you want to look classy.

2. A white shirt

White shirts are great for any occasion – they go well with jeans and even casual dresses.

3. A navy blue tie

Navy ties are always flattering and will make sure everyone knows who you are.

4. An oversized belt

When dressing up, you’ll need something big enough to hold everything in.

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