How To Wear Grey Fur Vest This Winter

Here we see a wonderful outfit idea consisting of a grey fur vest, grey hoodie, and shiny silver metallic pants. In love with leopard print beret hat! Would you give a try to such combo? I am a big fan of metallic pants.

How To Wear Grey Fur Vest This Winter 2020

Buy Similar HereHow To Wear Grey Fur Vest This Winter 2020

The winter is upon us and we are all looking for ways to keep warm in the cold weather. We have seen a lot of people wearing fur coats or even just scarves but what about those who don’t want to wear them at all?

If you live in New York City then chances are, you’re going to be spending some time outside this winter. You may not know it yet, but there will definitely be days when it’s below zero outside. So how do you stay warm? Well, if you haven’t noticed, most stores around here sell fur vests. It looks really good. Grey fur vests look incredibly chic and can be teamed with lots of chic clothes, including hoodies and metallic pants.

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