How To Wear Oversized Blazer In White This Summer

How To Wear Oversized Blazer In White This Summer 2021

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We see an oversized white blazer styled with a simple white tee tucked in a shiny sequined silver mini skirt. Complete this combo with a printed mini bag. If you’re looking for something different this summer, try wearing an oversized blazer in white color. You can also a chic silver metallic sequined mini skirt and add some accessories like jewelry or even a scarf. For example, if you want to go out on the town but don’t feel comfortable going without makeup, then consider adding a scarf around your neck. Or maybe just put on a pair of sunglasses.
Some other tips to remember:

1. Don’t forget about makeup

Makeup is one of those things we all have at home — especially during summer.

It’s easy enough to get ready before heading out, so why not take advantage of it?

2. Dress up

Dressing up isn’t only fun and easy, but it will make you more confident too.

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