Normcore Parisian Chic Outfit Idea For Spring

In love with this normcore Parisian chic outfit idea. We see a stylish pair of knee-ripped jeans teamed with a grey sweater and a grey driver’s cap. Complete this Spring outfit with a black leather handbag and black heeled pumps.

Normcore Parisian Chic Outfit Idea For Spring 2020

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@modeison_ 💋

I love everything in this look.

The French Normcore style comes with the “new wave of streetwear” and it already has been featured in many magazines, including Vogue, Elle Magazine, GQ, W, W Magazine and more. This spring season is called Normcore, and you may find three different outfits, each one inspired by an iconic Parisian street style from the past century. The first outfit features a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath it. It also includes a pair of skinny jeans and boots. The second outfit shows off a red velvet dress with a matching jacket. And finally, the third outfit showcases a grey sweater with ripped jeans and black heels. These clothes can easily go well with any type of casual or formal outfit.

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