Oversized Gray Coats Simple Combos

An oversized coat might appear tricky to wear, but I am telling you, this is an absolute must-have outerwear piece for women who want to wear the latest fashion trends on the streets. At first, the shape can be tricky to wear at first, but we are here to make it clear and learn ways how to master this look like a pro.

Oversized Gray Coats Simple Combos 2020

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A lovely light gray coat is worn with a white top, gray trousers, and white sneakers. Simple and classy outfit for everyday wear.

It’s fair to say, oversized coats are a dominant trend in outerwear fashion. I love it for that special 1980’s inspired look. Anyway, we are here to talk about gray color oversized coats. Why GRAY color? It’s a good question. First of all, this is a neutral hue that ideally matches everything. Secondly, we are all sick of white and black colors, that’s why gray is a perfect alternative which improves your look.

The oversized proportion of gray coat ideally matches woman’s style. Just keep in mind, an oversized proportion is not always the right choice if you are short. But you can play with shape, just add fitted pants and high heel shoes or boots to improve your look. Another thing you should consider before wearing this trend: the shoulder seam. Make sure it doesn’t fall more than 2 inches below your actual shoulder, the sleeves should be a bit longer (about an inch past your wrist bone for extra cozy coverage). Speaking of coat’s length, then it’s a personal preference (if you are short, then keep the length short) it can be ankle length, knee or hips length. There are different styles of gray oversized coats, from classic and retro-inspired to trendy ones made of suede or leather. Thanks to the gray color you will always look polished and sleek. The voluminous coat can be balanced with slim bottoms, like skinny jeans, a pencil skirt, tailored slim-fit trousers, leggings or tights. Don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color to your gray coat. It can be either bright colored bottoms, colored accessory (scarf, bag or shoes) or jewelry. For a casual day out with your best friends, you are free to pair the gray coat with jeans, kicks and oversized scarf. The same coat can work for a special date, just throw it over your favorite dress and add pretty heels. For work hours I recommend pairing a black pencil skirt with white blouse and layer coat over it. Anyway, let’s see what’s trending this year.

The Best Styles Of Oversized Gray Coats

  • Oversized gray hooded coat

Hooded coats are pretty everywhere right now and I kinda love this trend for its practicality. When it suddenly starts to rain, you can always put on the hood. The large fit will add a perfect touch of luxe. The design is modern, but you can easily combine it with classy pieces.

  • Oversized gray coat with a belt

A belted gray oversized coat is a perfect choice that ideally suits women who have never tried oversized fashion trend before. The belt will accentuate your waist and keep the silhouette feminine.

  • Oversized gray coat with fur collar

Oversized gray coat with fur collar is a nice item to have in lady’s closet. The fur adds a richness to your style and easily makes you stand out from the crowd. It can be paired with almost anything, just make sure the result looks balanced.

  • Orsized gray coat with pockets

That’s a modern update to classic oversized gray coats. The front pockets underline your modern style. Most pockets stand out from the coat, making them look as they have been sewn on just a minute ago. I find this update funny and functional, as you can always put everything inside of them.

With what to wear an oversized gray coat

    • Oversized gray coat and black pants
    • This is a safe combo. Make sure to wear slim fit pants. The gay and black are both neutrals, that’s why you are free to update this look with some fancy colored accessories or shoes.

    • Oversized gray coat and blue pants
    • If you are not into neutrals, then I definitely recommend trying blue pants. Why blue pants? It’s still not bright enough to have restrictions for combining with other hues. The overall look is sophisticated and rich.

    • Oversized gray coat and scarf
    • I recommend to choose a heavy scarf, this will double the oversized appearance. Keep your scarf colored in neutral, like black and white, or choose a vibrantly printed version.

    • Oversized gray coat and sweater
    • You are free to experiment with your top, I mean, the sweater can be either fitted or oversized. It can be bright colored or match the coat’s color. If you decided to keep it oversized, then you definitely should choose slim fit bottoms.

    • Oversized gray coat and khaki pants
    • Another neutral colored outfit. The khaki color has a dash of brightness, but they still are considered to be neutral. The result looks somewhat mannish and military-inspired to me.

    • Oversized gray coat and jeans
    • That’s what I call eternal combination. No matter how many years will pass, the gray and blue will always look awesome together!

    What Shoes To Wear With Oversized Gray Coats

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