Summer Essentials: Floral Kimono Blazer And White Wrap Skirt

Summer Essentials: Floral Kimono Blazer And White Wrap Skirt 2021

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I am so in love with this exotic outfit idea. We see a floral kimono blazer teamed with a white wrap mini skirt. Complete this look by adding a cut-out black bra top and a statement belt.

The summer season is upon us once again with the arrival of warm weather in our neck of the woods. This means that we are all looking for ways to stay cool this summer. We have a few options when it comes to keeping cool. One option would be wearing something lightweight like a t-shirt or tank top underneath your clothes. Another option could be using an umbrella as you walk around town.

If you’re going out on a hot day then it’s best not to wear anything too heavy because you’ll get hot. Instead, try to find some lightweight clothing that’s easy to move in.

Here are 5 items I found that will keep you comfortable during these hot days.

1. A Floral Kimono

You can always go for one of those cute little floral kimonos, it’s stylish, simple and original.

2. Black Lingerie

When it gets really hot, just layer under black lingerie.

3. White Wrap Mini Skirt

An ideal bottom piece to underline your uniqueness.

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