How To Wear Balaclavas For Women

A balaclava has this year’s headgear fashion moment and you better give it a try! What is so special about this accessory? First of all, it is a perfect safety piece for keeping warmth of your fave and head, another great plus is that you can literally become invisible, as noone will see your face. It comes in different designs, allowing you to show only your eyes, mouth and nose or the whole front area of the face, plus you can wear it as a neck-scarf, by folding down on your neck. Anyway, read on to find out more about this hat-mask and see the best ways how to wear it on the streets.

Balaclavas For Women Inspiring Street Style (1)

This black balaclava ideally matches the whole look that consists of a black turtleneck and loose-fit trousers.

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