10 Perfect Sandals For Women: Footwear Trends

The coolest shoes for summer? Easy to answer: sandals! Even if summer is still far away, in these first sunny days we’re dreaming about throwing away socks and boots and put at our feet the coolest sandals of the season. High or flat heels? With or without the platform? Are you more into pvc or traditional prints, such as vichy? Keep on reading to find out all the season’s trends!

Best Sandals For Women Street Style Ideas To Copy (34)

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What Shoes Look Awesome With Skinny Jeans This 2018

Hello, my dearest fashion ladies! Today’s article is devoted to my favorite skinny jeans. I am going to show you what shoes look awesome with skinny jeans this 2018. It’s no secret that every woman enjoys a great pair of shoes. If you want to make a fashion statement, then you better know a variety of shoes that will ideally complement your skinny jeans. Sure, you can go for sexy stiletto heels, but I think it’s important to have at least two or three styles in your mind, so you can create a unique look. Today’s fashion world offers amazing footwear designs, starting from flats to chunky wedges and sneakers. Anyway, if you are still wondering what shoes to wear with your lovely skinnies, then I am here to share with you my favorite shoes that will underline your individuality. Read on to find out more.

2018 Skinny Jeans And Cool Shoes Outfit Ideas For Women (33)

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33 Ways To Wear Flats For Women This 2018

I think every lady loves wearing high heels? They look fabulous, sexy and sophisticated. Well, today’s topic is not heels, but FLAT shoes. We are about to see possible ways how to get away with wearing flats every day this 2018. Of course, there is a risk that flats can look too much casual and laid-back without making us look glamour and sexy. If you are not into glitzy daily looks, then I am pretty sure that flats will make you look awesome. You gonna thank me, as I tried to share with you only the best street style ideas. Read on to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2018 Flat Shoes For Women Best Street Style Looks (30)

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Laid-back Style For Women 2018 Everyday Wear

Today’s topic is dedicated to laid-back style and how to wear in your everyday life this 2018 year. Personally, I like to wear relaxed and carefree looks that are both comfortable and voguish. Sure, it can be quite tricky to pull them off, as you might end up with a slouchy outfit or create a too much dressy look. If you want to create a relaxed look that is laid-back and easy to style, then I recommend to read on and see great ways how to create an ultimate look that is polished and easy-going.

2018 Laid Back Style For Women Must Have Looks (30)

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