How To Wear White Chunky Sneakers This Spring

How To Wear White Chunky Sneakers This Spring 2021

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We see three cool ways how to wear chunky sneakers in white this Spring. The first look comes with a beige bodycon dress worn under black leather jacket. Complete this combo with cool sunglasses and miniature handbag. The second outfit comes with a long sweater dress, stylish Wayfarer sunglasses and a functional backpack and the third outfit features a white matching set with a  crop top and high-rise slim pants completed with a black leather jacket and rounded shades. The white chunkiness of the sneaker is a great way for you to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for something that will make an outfit pop, then this spring you’ll want to try these out. These shoes are made with a combination of suede and leather which gives them their unique look. They have a very comfortable fit as well so they can be worn all day long.

23 Matchy-Match Looks To Try This Summer

Today’s post is dedicated to matchy-matchy looks that are so must-have this Summer. Why do we love matching looks so much? They are ideal for wearing during summertime. Believe me, hot season is a perfect time of year, when you are free to explore new looks, fashion accessories, beauty tips, etc. If you love summer and fashion as much as I do, then you are welcome to look through these stunning ways on how to wear matchy-matchy looks in real life. It can look chic when it’s done right, so you better read on to find out best tips and ideas how to look awesome in matchy-matchy looks this Summer.

23 Matchy-Match Looks To Try This Summer 2021

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How to Wear Retro Floral

If you want to make update your basics modern outfits this year, then how about adding retro floral prints? This addition will create some dimension, fun, and personality to your look. This print is gentle and extremely feminine. In today’s post, I decided to show you modern ways on how to make vintage and old florals look incredible with your everyday outfits. If you want to know more, then you are more than welcome to look through this street style compilation and ideas. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Wear Retro Floral 2021

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How to Style Blazers

Hi, there my dearest fashion readers! In today’s article, I want to draw your attention to one of my favorite garments called blazer. We are about to see marvelous ways on how to style blazers this year. Why are so many ladies in love with this both functional and stylish staple? This is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be either dress down or dress up your outfit. Of course, everything depends on its shape, color, and print. You can try on solid dark color design for work, or keep things casual and flirty by wearing brightly colored or fun printed for casual day walks or cool night-outs on the town. Anyway, I think you should keep on reading to see great tricks and ideas on how to style your blazer this year.

How to Style Blazers 2021

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