53 Favorite Women Summer Essentials

Hello, my fashion readers! Say hello to my favorite Summer essentials to try this hot season. You are about to see all my favorite basics in this stunning street style collection. The summer is here and I am ready to share with you a marvelous compilation of hot weather essentials, including summer hats, sunnies, chunky accessories, bangles, statement bracelets and necklaces, structured bags, pastel outfits and functional footwear. I am pretty sure, most of these beautiful pieces will work for you this Summer season. All you need is just a nice inspiration. Once you know how to combine and style these essentials, there will be no problem for you to create chic outfits. Read on to see my favorite street style looks.

2018 Summer Essentials For Women Inspiring Street Looks (49)

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Statement Necklaces Must Try Designs

Sometimes we get bored of wearing the same neutral color outfits to work. If you want to brighten up your look, then the best way is to add a statement necklace to your look. In today’s article, we are going to see best ways on how to wear statement necklaces this year. This awesome accessory is back on trend and I am here to show you best styling ideas on how to make this piece look awesome on you. We see lots of awesome designs, starting from big and chunky key pieces to bold and fresh colored styles. If you are too shy to try this design, but you really want it, then read on.

2018 Statement Necklaces For Women (33)

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