Black Heels Outfit Ideas

If there is an essential footwear in women’s wardrobe, then it’s a pair of black heels. I am talking about different types of heels, it can be a pair of heeled sandals, heeled pumps, block heels, srappy heels, and whatever is on your mind. In today’s post I will try my best and show you the most fashionable and stylish outfit ideas you can recreate with a pair of black heels. Trust me, no matter what type of girl you are, you can easily add this footwear to various clothing styles, from ultra feminine and super boyish. Heels can easily turn any outfit to something ultra chic and trendy! So, what are you waiting for, get some inspiration right now!

Black Heels Outfit Ideas 2019

Black and white are always in! Love this white semi-sheer coat teamed with black jogger pants and classy black heeled pumps.

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Bike Shorts Trend For Women

Bike shorts trend is here to stay for a long time! Today I want to talk about ways how to wear bike shorts and dress them up without looking like a jerk. So, how should we rock these tight-fitting shorts on the streets this year, find out now?

Bike Shorts Trend For Women 2019

Kim Kardashian loves bike shorts trend. We see her in a matching set that features a half-zip short sweatshirt teamed with high-waisted tight bike shorts both in grey color. The look is completed with cool sunglasses and heels sandals.

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What Are The Best Sunglasses

This time we are here to talk about the best women’s sunglasses you can buy this year. This is not just a fun fashion statement accessory, but a protection from the sun rays and unwanted people’s eye contact. Thanks to a wide variety of sunglasses designs and availability you can just get any pair you want without breaking a bank! If you are interested to see some inspirational shots taken from different cities around the world.

What Are The Best Sunglasses 2019

Black oversized sunglasses with a retro touch might be your favorite design. They ideally suit both casual and dressy clothes. Here we see black sunnies worn with a charcoal cozy sweater.

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Beret Hats Best Outfits For Women

If you are into hats, then a beret hat is what you need, darling! Yes, I am talking about the French chic inspired stuff that is like a welcome card for all women who want to feel as true Parisians. In today’s blog post I will show you cool street style images of girls and ladies who wear berets the right way. Sure, wearing a beret is not an easy task, but when you know how to style it, then this accessory can make a bold and beautiful statement.

Beret Hats Best Outfits For Women 2019

A lovely white beret hat that looks so French chic with a black leather jacket and light-brown sweater. The rounded sunglasses perfectly complement this outfit.

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How To Wear Balaclavas For Women

A balaclava has this year’s headgear fashion moment and you better give it a try! What is so special about this accessory? First of all, it is a perfect safety piece for keeping warmth of your fave and head, another great plus is that you can literally become invisible, as noone will see your face. It comes in different designs, allowing you to show only your eyes, mouth and nose or the whole front area of the face, plus you can wear it as a neck-scarf, by folding down on your neck. Anyway, read on to find out more about this hat-mask and see the best ways how to wear it on the streets.

How To Wear Balaclavas For Women 2019

This black balaclava ideally matches the whole look that consists of a black turtleneck and loose-fit trousers.

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Backpack Purses Inspiring Looks

If you are looking for a bag that can be useful for different occasions, starting from a beach-side picnic, street walks, exploring new cities or simply walking around your town and visiting shop centers, then you definitely need a stylish backpack purse. This spacious bag allows you to free your hands and do whatever you want. I gathered a very inspirational street style collection which includes refined and classic backpacks, as well as sporty ones, and designs made of high-quality fabrics. Are you ready to see something inspiring and cool? Go on!

Backpack Purses Inspiring Looks 2019

Stand out from the crowd by choosing this incredibly cool vibrantly printed backpack. It can be worn with all your favorite neutral color essentials, from LBD to gray sweaters and black jeans.

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What To Wear With A-Line Skirts

If you dream of a ladylike bottom piece, then please welcome an A-line skirt. Why do women love it so much? First of all, its more comfortable than a classic pencil skirt, as you don’t have to constantly straighten the ridden up skirt when you walk and secondly, the simple line makes the skirt look flattering and feminine. No matter what style you prefer, A-line skirt will find its place in every woman’s closet. It is like LBD that saves you when it’s needed the most. Yes, you are free to wear it at work, casual events and parties. Now, to make it look more stylish I decided to show you inspiring street style images of women who appear in A-line skirts on the streets.

What To Wear With A-Line Skirts 2019

We see a perfect 1970 inspired look that features a dark neural top tucked in front buttoned denim A-line skirt completed with camel suede ankle-boots and light brown belt.

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Adidas Track Pants For Women

This season must have pants are Adidas track pants. They come in all sorts of colors and you can easily create a bunch of amazing outfits that will make you look like a real street style star. These bottoms are ideal for casual activities, so you better forget about wearing them to cocktail parties, formal occasions, and dressy events. I wear my black colored joggers to casual gatherings, for a simple day or evening walk down the streets, for thrift shops, food markets, and short trips. The best thing about track pants: they are super comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your style, no matter what top you add, what shoes you put on, you gonna still look and feel casual.

Adidas Track Pants For Women 2019

A simple ribbed knit light gray sleeveless crop sweater ideally matches navy track pants with white-red side stripes. The combo is completed with camel booties and miniature purse.

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How To Style Hoodies For Women

Hoodies season is officially opened! Keep your head covered, as we are here to talk about hoodies you can wear all day, every day! This might be the most surprising must-have of the year. Lots of retailers and designer brands give a new spin to this casual garment. It’s fair to say, sportswear is back and now it’s more than athelisure trend. The hoodie is a significant life savior for the moments when the temperature drops. If you think it’s all about sports and athletics, then you are misguided. It can be a nice update for a dressy event, or even for a work day at the office. Think of an ethereal gown layered under oversized hoodie, a sexy slipdress worn with a neutral colored hoodie, or a dressy blazer layered over a slim hoodie, creating a funky update. Yes, now you can easily style a hoodie for any occasion! Read on to find out more tricks about this cool must-have!

How To Style Hoodies For Women 2019

Are you a big fan of athleisure and biker style? If so, then I am happy to offer you this outfit, it features a white hoodie worn under a black leather jacket paired with black capri leggings with mesh details and white sneakers. Complete it with a classy black sunglasses and black gym bag.

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Green Dresses Best Street Style Ideas

The green dress is a versatile garment that works for different occasions. It can be used for a formal event or you can wear it for an everyday walk in the center. I think we all tired of wearing black, that’s why green is a good alternative. Green by itself looks festive. It’s an ideal hue to celebrate Springtime, Summer weddings, Christmas & New Years. Today I want to show you great ideas on how to wear this beautiful frock, what jackets you can add and what are the best color shoes to wear with green dresses. What are you waiting for, here is your complete guide on the green dress.

Green Dresses Best Street Style Ideas 2019

A lovely shift dress in light green is layered under a cropped frayed blue denim jacket.

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