What Hats To Wear This Winter

If you are a fan of hats, then this article might draw your attention, as we are here today to talk about Winter hats. Yes, you are about to find out what hats to wear this cold season without freezing out, while looking awesome. By the way, you can check out other great hat styles to wear in cold season, check them out and choose your favorites. A good hat is a crucial Autumn shopping investment that will cover your head from mid of October to the first days of May. Sure, if you live in a seasonless sun town like Los Angeles, then you better skip this blog post and find some cool designs of swimwear.

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (12)

Maroon driver’s cap ideally suits off-shoulder heavy knit sweater. Complete it with a tartan shirt tied around the waist and blue jeans.

Before we move on talking about Winter hats styles and how to wear them this year, I want to make things clear about one particular case: what hats to wear with each type of face shape. There are 5 face shapes: Round, Oval, Square, Triangle, Oblong and Heart shaped. Let’s make it clear once and for all, and see what Winter hats look great on every face shape.

Round faces should be updated with asymmetry. Think of fedora hat, baseball cap, newsboy hat. In other words, you should buy a hat with a high crown and straight brim to give your face more angles.

Oval faces look great with any type of headwear. In other words, pick up whatever suits your mood and style. Let the hat be in harmony with your outfit. Yes, women with oval faces can top off any hat.

Oblong faces can look awesome with flared brim and low crown hats, think of sunhats, fedoras with large brims, cloche hats, etc. The brim should offset the length of a long face.

Heart-shaped face ladies should try medium brimmed hats. You can go for a medium brimmed hat, beanie, beret, etc. Actually, any type of heat will work well, just please, avoid large brimmed hats.

Square face women should experiment with several styles to soften edges of the face. Think of round crown hats with mid brim. You will need to something that can create an illusion of height and roundness. It can be a sunhat, cowboy hat, cloche, baseball cap, beret, etc.

Triangle face is the same as an oval face, that’s why you are free to experiment with whatever you like. The options are endless!

Anyway, keep it simple and try several caps and hats to find your favorite design you can wear from Mondays to Sundays. Keep reading for my favorites.

Winter hat styles for short hair

Lots of ladies don’t know how to wear winter hats with short hair. Most of them think that short hair and hats do not work together. Trust me, no matter if you have a long or short bob haircut, pixie crop, buzz cut, or freshly shaved head, you are certainly not out of the hat game! You can wear short hair with a knitted beanie, floppy hat, cloches, fedoras, as well as turbans. Regardless if you have a close cut crop, long pixie, long bangs, each one of these hats will work for you! Just don’t forget to match your headwear with outerwear and rest of your outfit.

Winter hat styles for long hair

Long hair is a bit harder to style with winter hats, but still, everything is possible! The low ponytail is a universal take on many hats, you are free to try side or mid ponytail. The loose waves look great under beanies, berets, fedoras, etc. Two French braids look great with floppy and fedoras. Large loose braids, fishtail braids are ideal for beanies, fedoras, and floppies. The low side bun is ideal for floppy and fedora hats.

Winter hat types

Winter hat with a ball on top. It can be either a classic beanie or a baseball cap. The ball can be small or big. I personally like big fur ones, they look cute and girlish.

Beanies are timeless and you should give them a try. The silhouette is casual, but you can test them with classic outfits, as well as with suits and dresses. I would say it’s a first must-have headpiece for every Winter season. There are lots of versions to buy right now, from statement designs with slogans, soft pom poms, cable knit versions, the ones with veils, balls on top, classic neutral colored styles, etc. I like pom-pom beanies, as they have an intentionally silly look, that’s why you are free to go crazy, I mean, style them with oversized coats, sporty jackets, bombers, leather toppers, etc.

Berets are having their moment, so why don’t you go for a French chic look and make yourself look like you just came from Paris. I love these hats, as they look simple and easy to pull off as well. Some say berets can make you look over-Frenchy, but who will judge you?! If you feel like trying French inspired clothes, then you definitely should give it a try: an oversized wool coat, striped shirt, black cigarette pants and the black beret is a good choice.

Winter hat with ear flaps. It can be either a simple beanie or trapper hat. My favorite is a trapper hat. This design fits completely any style, starting from casual Winter basics to classic suits and overcoats. Yes, you got me right, it does look cool with casual, classic, rock, punk and other looks that add character to your style. Wear it as you feel, no one to blame you!

Fedoras is another winter favorite. Today’s fashion offers classic styles of this hat in any color you like, from deep red to midnight blue and emerald. When it gets chilly a wool fedora is a stylish choice. If you buy dark-colored style, like an emerald, then be sure to match it with yellow, brown, green, blue, dark gray or burgundy color coats and bottoms. The bright colored fedora should be worn with darker or neutral hue outerwear. Anyway, before putting together any look, you should ask yourself, what colors match my hat and what style should I choose.

Outfit Ideas With Winter Hats:

What hat goes with a suit? All depends on the upcoming event, if it’s a dressy one, then I would recommend to try on a beret, fedora or floppy hat. If it’s more casual, then you are free to choose whatever style you want.

What hat goes with a trench coat? Some women want to keep things as simple as they can, that’s why they choose beanies. This is a great combo for ladies who want to go for a more sporty style. I would recommend to try on fedora, it will make you look both classy and elegant. Something as simple as teaming dark color trenchcoat with black slim trousers can potentially set you apart from the crowd. Complement your look with brown leather shoes and neutral color fedora.

What hat goes with a peacoat? Peacoat and brimmed hat combo creates a classy, sophisticated vibe. All depends on your style, it can be a beanie, fdora and flat cap.

What hat goes with a leather jacket? A leather jacket can be complemented with a leather hat, like a baseball cap, leather beret, leather driver’s cap, etc.

What hat goes with aviator sunglasses? Mmm…everything depends on your face shape. They suit oval faces, and heart shaped. They complement the outline of the heart-shaped face. If you have a face with small and delicate features, then you better avoid large and heavy frames, while women with more dramatic features can choose larger aviator frames. Aviator shades look great with beanies, fedoras, trapper hats and floppies.

What hat goes with glasses? It is very individual. Once again, everything depends on your face shape.

Get inspired by the following street style ideas and be sure to try one of these trendy hats styles:

Pastel blue beanie in oversized shape ideally suit the black turtleneck and gray tailored coat:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (1)

Cream-white sweater dress matches black leggings and patent black pumps. Love the black driver’s cap:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (2)

Wide-brim fedora looks like a floppy hat. It ideally matches black jacket, black tee and black skinny jeans:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (3)

Orange beanie looks awesome with Wayfarer sunglasses and black-white printed blazer:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (4)

Gray driver’s cap with a chain embellishment can be teamed with a teddy bear coat in cream white color:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (5)

This turban looks awesome with aviator sunglasses and fur brown jacket:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (6)

Hello from the seventies! We see a brown velvet driver’s cap and dark green cashmere sweater:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (7)

Fedora hat and draped gray-green cardigan make a perfect match together:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (8)

Floppy and fedoras look awesome with knits and furs:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (9)

The maroon fedora hat is a perfect addition to a muted orange blazer and fur scarf. The look is completed with black leather pants and leather booties:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (10)

Visor cap with ear flaps and fur ball on the top looks awesome! Try it on with a navy coat embellished with fur and bright blue sweater:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (11)

A lovely dark red beret matches the black leather jacket and black red gingham print dress:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (13)

Beanie + faded blue fur jacket + gray pullover and classy slim jeans is a good combo:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (14)

Black leather driver’s cap and fur coat in white is a win-win outfit:

Winter Hats For Women Best Looks To Try (15)

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