What To Wear In Venice, Italy: LBD And Red Heeled Sandals

What To Wear In Venice, Italy: LBD And Red Heeled Sandals 2023

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Looking for a way to improve your style during your stay in Italy, Venice? Check out this beautiful look consisting of a black dress with long sleeves and feathered red heeled sandals. Complete this combo with rounded sunglasses.

The city of Venice, Italy is known for its beautiful architecture and the many canals that run through it. It also has a lot of interesting things to do like visit museums, see art galleries, go on tours or just enjoy some time at sea. One thing you should know about this city, however, is that it can be quite hot during summer. This means that if you’re planning to spend most of your day outside then you’ll need something cool to wear.

If you’ve been living in Europe for a while now then you probably have an idea what kind of clothing you’d want to wear when visiting Venice. For those who are new here, here are my top 5 tips for wearing stylish clothes while traveling around Italy.

1. Buy a pair of shoes

You don’t necessarily need expensive shoes. I personally prefer buying cheap ones because they last longer than more expensive ones.

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Sunscreens aren’t always easy to find but luckily there are plenty out there.

3. Get yourself a nice bag

A good travel bag will help keep everything organized so it’s easier to carry all your stuff.

4. You need a simple dress.

How about trying on a little black dress? It will be a perfect match for visiting new places.

5. Sunglasses

Another essential accessory that should be in every lady’s purse.

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