White Dress And Pink Sweater Combination For Spring

White Dress And Pink Sweater Combination For Spring 2021

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Have fun with this cool Summer combo! Go for a white dress embellished with feather hem detailing and style it with a pink sweater. Complete this look by adding oversized sunglasses and a miniature leather bag with a chain strap. Would you give this combo a try?

The white dress is a classic look that can be worn with any color of outfit. It has been the most popular choice in spring fashion since its inception. This simple yet elegant style was created by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier who also designed his own line called β€œLes Enfants Terribles.” You may want to add some accessories such as a clutch or handbag depending on your taste. For those who like their clothes simple, this dress is a must! It’s perfect if you need a quick change-up during the day without having to spend too much money.

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